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Sometimes Women Need Something Different

As an executive in corporate America, our CEO and founder understands the specific challenges women face. New Day Financial's values were built on understanding each of our clients' specific challenges to help them attain their financial goals. We believe the better we understand the challenges facing our clients, the more effective outcomes we can achieve.

Our investing strategies are highly personalized and bring women's real lives into account so that we can give them more tailored financial advice - advice that we believe will be more likely to help them achieve their goals and let them feel confident.

Learn More About Women & Investing

Historically many women think differently about their finances. Some have encountered significant challenges regarding wealth building, particularly when it comes to the "money" conversations at the dinner table.

Whether they are successful business owners, executives, or decided to become a homemaker raising their families or being caregivers some or all of some of their life. The decisions they make are different than those men might consider.

Additionally, many are single moms or they’ve outlived their spouse. Money concerns are just different.


*Courtesy of Twitter.com Mobile Storytelling author Allie Hite June 15th 2021

Woman are making strides controlling their financial destinies more and more, with women owning approximately **42% of all Small Businesses in the United States. Today's start-up culture empowers women to be their own boss and pay their own salary, defining how they want to work and making the balance of career and family life easier. Their business decisions tend to be differently motivated.

It's been estimated that women contribute in excess of *$31.8 trillion in consumer spending every year globally, Women also control or influence *over  85% of consumer purchases. This means women are making a big difference in the financial industry.

We believe that financial self-care is vital for women. We know there are differences, and we listen to them. We are here to help you with all the different pieces of financial self-care. This includes helping every woman invest, plan for her dream retirement, start saving sooner, and work toward her short- and long-term financial goals.

In short, our goal is to help you align your money with your values.

We help women at all stages of their financial lives invest more and do more with their money. Every dollar you spend, save, or invest has an impact.



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